uOttawa projects receive NSERC Strategic Grants.

The announcement was made as part of a national initiative under NSERC’s Strategic Project Grants program, which supports researchers who team up with the private or public sector to carry out projects that benefit the country’s economy, social fabric and environment.

Trevor Hall – School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
RF communications in the e-city (RF-Cité)
Cities are the dynamo of a global economy and responsible for the bulk of innovation. Urban planners envision a digital city in which ubiquitous broadband wireless communication enables efficient living. However, increased use of wireless access networks is leading to unsustainable energy consumption. Professor Hall’s innovative use of coherent optical radio frequency (RF) transmission, along with cutting-edge digital signal processing and advanced photonic devices, will lead to wireless access deployed at the density needed to attain sustainable energy consumption levels. This research will position Canada at the forefront of innovation in emerging digital cities and provide Canadian businesses with commercialization opportunities as well as develop highly qualified and skilled workers.

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