Some of our current projects

  • SUNRISE: Semiconductors Using Nanostructures for Record Increases in Solar-cell Efficiency [NRC-NSERC-BDC Initiative]
  • OCTANE: Optical Coherent Transmission for Access Network Extensions [NSERC Strategic Project Grant]
  • Wireless networked microsystems building towards photonics-enhanced intelligent systems for environmental controls [CMC Microsystems]
  • Ubiquitous and Embedded Photonic Networks [NSERC Discovery Grant]
  • OANET: Optical Access Network Extension Technologies: Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Solutions, Requirements and Development [OCE, OneChip Photonics Inc]
  • Monolithically Integrated 1×2 Optical Switch [CMC Microsystems]
  • Photonic Networks: Flexible Bandwidth Provision, Self-Similar Structure, & Intelligent Processing [NSERC Discovery Grant] / Photonic Packet Switches & Networks [NSERC Canada Research Chair, uOttawa]
  • III-V Semiconductor Photonic Device Integration on Group-IV Substrates. Part 1: Solar cell fabrication [CIPI-TEN] / III-V Semiconductor Photonic Device Integration on Group-IV Substrates [CPFR, CPFC, ORDCF]
  • Anti-Reflection Coating Development for Concentrator Photovoltaics [CIPI-TEN]
  • Nanostructured Photonic Devices [OPC]
  • Nanoscale absolute capacitance measurement [Semiconductor Insights]
  • Engineered electrophotonic nanosystems [NSERC Discovery Grant]
  • Inter-American Materials Research in Semiconductor Nanowires [NSERC SRO]
  • Spectral probes of semiconductor nanosystems [CFI/ORF Leaders Opportunity Fund]
  • Building blocks for next-generation monolithic photonic integrated circuits in InP-based material system [CMC Microsystems]
  • Spectral probes of semiconductor nanosystems [CFI/ORF Leaders Opportunity Fund]

Some of our previous projects

  • AAPN: Agile All-Photonic Networks [NSERC Research Networks]
  • Interworking of AAPN with Legacy Networks [NSERC, AAPN & JDSU Partnered Research Project]
  • Cost Efficient Solutions for Broadband Access: TDM-PON, WDM-PON & TDM/WDM-PON [OCE Research Partnership]
  • Passive Optical Networks [Flextronics]
  • iROADM: Intelligent control and development of fast Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Modules in an agile metro-network environment [NSERC Strategic Project Grant]
  • HAVE: Hapto-Audio-Visual Environments for Collaborative Tele-Surgery Training over Photonic Networking [CANARIE]
  • Application Specific Integrated Circuit Solutions for Broadband Access [OCE Market Readiness]
  • Scalable Low Cost Optoelectronic Packet Switch for Access & LANs [CITO Technical Readiness]
  • Nanowire quantum dot arrays [OCE, PRO, OPC]
  • Intelligent control of Optical Add Drop Multiplexors [NCIT Operating Funds]
  • Next Generation Photonic Transport Technology [OCE & Metconnex Research Partnership]
  • Packet Switching in All-Optical Metro Networks [University of Ottawa Research Fund]

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