• Please feel free to email the primary author of a published paper to request a digital copy. In the case that author is no longer with the group, you can send a request to our generic email at:

Selected Technical Reports

  • “Implementing a Finite State Machine using the Texas Instrument CC2430 ZigBee RF Chip” (Requires access to CMC MICROSYSTEMS Technology Gateway)
    Hazem Awad, Sofia A. Paredes. Microsystems Integration Application Note prepared for CMC Microsystems, Catalog number CMC-00025-20070, March 31st, 2009
  • “Hardware functionality of the medium-speed AAPN Demonstrator Prototype”
    AAPN_Demonstrator_HW_technical_report.pdf , 1651 KB
    Pino G. Dicorato, Peter Farkas, Sofia A. Paredes, James Zhang, Gregor v. Bochmann, Trevor J. Hall. Technical Report, Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa, December 2008

Selected Posters

  • “OANET, Network and Physical Layer Modeling”,
    OANET_WP1_poster_May2008.pdf 1MB
    Trevor J. Hall, Karin Hinzer, Hassan Teimoori, Sofia A. Paredes, Robert Radziwilowicz, Atousa Assadihaghi, Ronald Millett, Julie Nkanta. 2008 OCE Discovery Conference and Exhibition, 12-13 May 2008.
  • “OANET, Device Development”,
    OANET_WP2_poster_May2008.pdf 1MB
    Trevor J. Hall, Karin Hinzer, Atousa Assadihaghi, Ronald Millett, Hassan Teimoori, Sofia A. Paredes, Robert Radziwilowicz, Julie Nkanta. 2008 OCE Discovery Conference and Exhibition, 12-13 May 2008.
  • “SUNRISE poster for the project grant announcement event”, 2008.
    Sunrise_Apr_24_poster.pdff , 177 KB
  • “Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa”, 2007 review poster.
    CRPuO_review_poster_June2007.pdf , 644 KB
  • “Photonic Technology Laboratory”, June 2007 review poster.
    PTLab_review_poster_June2007.pdf , 766 KB
  • “SoC Packet Switch With Reconfigurable Bandwidth – H/W Demonstrator”, J. Couturier, P.G. Dicorato, P.A. Farkas, N.Q. Joachimpillai, S.A. Paredes, T.J. Hall. CMC Texpo competition, October 2006.
    PTLab_CMC_TEXPO_poster_October2006.pdf , 742 KB
  • “Centre for Research in Photonics Engineered Photonic Nanosystems”, H. Schriemer. Review poster, June 2006
    SchriemerH_review_poster_June2006.pdf , 622 KB

Selected Presentations

  • “The Digital City and Campus”, Dr. T. J. Hall, 25th Entretiens Jacques Cartier conference, Lyon, November 19-20, 2012.  TJHall-Le-Campus-Digital , 9900KB
  • “What does Photonics have to do with me?”, S.A. Paredes, III Mexican Conference CEIMEXCAN, Montreal, October 24-26, 2008.
    what_does_photonics_have_to_do_with_me.pdf , 4300 KB
  • “Monolithically Integrated InGaAsP/InP 1×2 SOA Optical Switch”, R. Millet, T.J. Hall, K. Hinzer, V. Tolstikhin, K. Pimenov, Y. Logvin, H. Schriemer. Photonics North presentation, June 2007.
    MilletR_PN_presentation_June2007.pdf , 1666 KB
  • “Scalability analysis in terms of crosstalk in NZ-DSF ring networks constructed with WSS based ROADM”, R. Shankar, J. Couturier. K. Hinzer, T.J. Hall. Photonics North presentation, June 2007.
    ShankarR_PN_presentation_June2007.pdf , 1092 KB
  • “Comparison of simulated and fabricated computer generated holograms generated using phase optimised general error diffusion”, J.L. Ramsey, J. Lapointe, T. J. Hall. Digital Holography conference, June 2007.
    RamseyJ_DH_presentation_June2007.pdf , 1204 KB
  • “Centre for Research in Photonics: Sheding some light in photonics research at the University of Ottawa”, T.J. Hall. SITE, June 2007.
    HallT_CRPuO_presentation_June2007.pdf , 3056 KB
  • “Solar-powered wireless sensor network”, N. Yastrebova, K. Hinzer, D. Masson, S. Desgreniers, H. Schriemer, B.J. Riel, S. Fafard, T.J. Hall. Research Day at the University of Ottawa, 3/May/2007.
    YastrebovaN_solar_powered_WSN.pdf , 872 KB
  • “Design issues for Edge Nodes in Agile All-Photonic Networks”, R. Radziwilovicz, M.G. Khair, S.A. Paredes, T.J. Hall. HPSR 2006, June 2006.
    RadziwiloviczR_HPSR_presentation_June2006.pdf , 685 KB
  • “Constructing Service Matrices for Agile All-Optical Cores”, C. Peng, S.A. Paredes, T.J. Hall, G.v. Bochmann. ISCC 2006, June 2006. PengC_ISCC_presentation_June2006.pdf , 1121 KB
  • “An Agile All-Photonic Network”, T. J. Hall, S. A. Paredes, G. v. Bochmann. ICOCN 2005; Bangkok, Thailand, 14-16 December 2005.
    HallT_ICOCN_presentation_December2005.pdf , 1507 KB
  • “Flexible Bandwidth Provision in a Sectored Packet Switch with an Optical Core”, S.A. Paredes, T.J. Hall. ISCC 2005, June 2005.
    ParedesS_ISCC_presentation_June2005.pdf , 1805 KB
  • “Hapto-Audio-Visual Environments for Collaborative Tele-Eye Surgery Training over Photonic Networking”, T.J.Hall. May 2005.
    HallT_HAVE_presentation_May2005.pdf , 1954 KB

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