Hamdam Nikkhah

PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering

E-mail: hnikk057@uottawa.ca

Research interests:

  • Silicon Photonics
  • Metamaterial,
  • Nano photonics,
  • Photonic Crystal,
  • Optical switching

Current studies involve a planar metamaterial Lüneburg lens enables Fourier optics on-a-chip:

It can be implemented in an SOI slab waveguide structure by patterning the silicon core with variable sized holes which subwavelength patterning of binary nanocomposite material  form the metamaterial. This structure offers the advantage of fabrication by a single etch step while demanding feature sizes that can be accessed by deep UV lithography in addition to e-beam lithography. The concept and designs were verified by the 2D FDTD simulation of a two lens telescope system and a 3D FDTD simulation of the same two lens telescope system predicts a low loss of -0.83 dB.  This structure can be used in optical transpose interconnection systems in optical switching architectures with the advantage of avoiding large number crossover waveguides in optical communication systems.

FDTD simulation




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