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Established in August 2002 by Professor Trevor J. Hall, the Photonic Technology Laboratory’s (PTLab) research  has concentrated on a unique combination of photonics and embedded systems. Even though “photonic” is to optical what “electronic” is to electrical; a photonic system necessarily implies the combination of optics and electronics (optoelectronics). Moreover, whilst 90% of the cost of a photonic system is the optics, it still consists of 90% electronics.

Research conducted at the PTLab is hosted at the University of Ottawa’s Centre for Research in Photonics and is (equally) diverse while focused. We graciously acknowledge and are supported by various national and international institutions, funding agencies and private industries.







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For more information on our people, our infrastructure, our projects and other activities consult our webpage or contact ptlabadmin@uottawa.ca.

The Photonics Technology Laboratory (PTLab) is located in the ARC building.

Advanced Research Complex
University of Ottawa
25 Templeton St.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5 Canada

Tel: (613) 562-5800, ext. 7217


Selected brochures, presentations and posters are also available to download.




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800 King Edward Avenue
P.O. Box 450, Stn. A
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5, Canada


(613) 562-5800 + ext.
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room 3004: x2562
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room 4002: x2179
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